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560 kvar inductive load bank for Scientific Research

Posted by Jason 29/03/2016 0 Comment News,Application Cases,

SIKES 3.3kV AC reactor used as motor simulation inductive load bank for Scientific Research with reliable version of 560 kvar capacity, long-term continuous working type,low temperature rise and low noise.

In general , we call a load bank with inductance parameters , whose current ahead of voltage ,an inductive load bank . Inductive load bank is caused by inductance characteristics , like from motor , transformer’s field current (caused by winding coils) , whose current angel is 90°lag behind voltage . Inductance current doesn't consume power , it “possesses” power , so we call it “useless power” , marked with letter “QL” , determined by the inductance value of the coils .

High performance foil winding structure , with low DC resistance , high short-circuit resistance capacity , strong overload ability in short time ;
Compositive material with above F insulation class  , ensure reliable performance in harsh working conditions;
Low magnetic flow density , good linearity & overload capacity;
Vacuum immersed process ensure low noise;
Iron core made of silicon steel , low loss ,low temperature rise and high efficiency

Applications:Test for Inverter,wind power,photovoltaic system and UPS

inductive load bankinductive load bank

inductive load bankinductive load bank

inductive load bankinductive load bank

inductive load bank

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