Sine Wave Filters were used in CSR engine testing project.

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Sikes Sine Wave Filters were used in CSR (China South Locomotive Corporation Limited)Engine Testing project.
Sine Wave Filters convert the PWM output signal of motor drives into a smooth sine wave with low residual;
Reduce the resonance phenomenon caused by distributed capacitance and inductance of the longcable(longer than 50 meters);
Eliminate the excessive motor voltage caused by high dv/dt,
Reduce noise of motor by fiter application;
Prolong motor life;
Protecting the motor insulation;
Reduce the motor bearing currents;
Increase transmission distance;
With the application of this filter, normal motor can replace variable frequency motor;
This product meets THDi<10% and Voltage phase imbalance <5% under the rated current and voltage.

Engine Testing;
Frequency Transmission: hoists, pumps, fans;
AC: wind power, UPS,EPS;
Industry:Metallurgy, coal, petrochemical, water treatment, new energy.


Sikes sine wave filter for CSR Corporation Limited, 600KW.

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