Power Isolation transformer dedicated for industrial robot control.

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This product is dedicated for industrial robot control, Factory automation.

1.With voltage meter , power signal light , temperature sensor to monitor the temperature of the winding . Automatic cooling fan with fault alarm , over temperature alarm function to provide reliable overload protection;
2.Excellent fire resistance , winding insulation material is fire resistant , no toxic gas when heated;
3.No orientation of cold rolled silicon steel sheet iron core with resin cover ensure superior anti-moisture performance , free from dust and corrosive gas damage;
4.Optimized structure design to make sure excellent anti shock and crack resistance;
5.Low loss , compact size , light weight . Saving installation space and minimize running cost;
6.Powerful overload capacity , the transformer rated capacity will increase 50% (for transformer below 1500kvar it will be 40% ) if add force cooling fan;
7.Good insulation performance , high level lighting stroke resistance and strong capability to withstand short circuit;
8.Product enclosure drawing is as below . Please contact us is you want to change size .

Isolation transformer,robot controlIsolation transformer,robot control

SIKES Isolation transformerIsolation transformer,robot control

SIKES Isolation transformer

SIKES Isolation transformer

SIKES Isolation transformer

Product link: http://sikes-elec.com/Power-Isolation-transformer-Single-phase-60kva-Encapsulated.html

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