Passive Harmonic Filter, THDi<5%

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Sikes passive harmonic filter testing video 1.    Rated power:22kw  THDi≤5% @ full load.

Sikes passive harmonic filter is designed for almost any kind of electronic applications with six pulse front end rectifiers . The filter can efficiently reduce the harmonic current distortion to required level.
Typical application:non-linear three-phase power supplies where potential risk is high due to thermal and electrical overload caused by harmonic currents.

What are Harmonics?



Sikes passive harmonic filter testing video 2.    Rated power:22kw  THDi≤6% @ 7.5KW.


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11/12/2020, 07:40:27 PM

May information spectification and price harmonic filter. With use for : Single phase 220 v ac 2 kva TDH approx 8 %

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