Dynamic braking resistor 13KW,dedicated for low resistance and high current application

Dynamic braking resistor 13KW,dedicated for low resistance and high current application


SIKES DBR resistors are lightweight, heavy-duty units consisting of a non-corrodible, high quality alloy. The ribbon-like element is wound on edge in the form of a helix, and then spun onto a ceramic core. Type DBR resistors are supported by a threaded rod passing through the center of the ceramic core.


Resistance tolerance: ± 10% for all units;  as low as  ±3% if required.

Coefficient of resistivity: Resistance values will increase as the element temperature rises.  Expect an approximate increase of 5% in resistance after the unit reaches an operating temperature of 375°C above ambient. Contact  us for more specific information if needed.

Ambient temperature: Standard ratings are based on maximum ambient temperatures of 40°C. Derate current rating 95% for 50°C ambient, 90% for 75°C ambient, and80% for 100°C ambient.

Effects of altitude: The published electrical ratings are applicable for altitudes of 6000 feet or less. Contact the factory for deration factors above 6000 feet.


SIKES   DBR  Resistors can be used for any AC or DC power application. Units are most commonly used for VFD braking, motor control, load banks and neutral grounding applications.

SIKES   DBR  resistors are suitable for continuous duty applications where low resistance and high current are required. The high element mass allows these units to withstand high current, intermittent duty applications. This characteristic, combined with the high-temperature ceramic insulation, makes  DBR resistor can withstand temperatures up to 800°C.

IP Class IP54
Power range (W) 13000

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